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The legalization of documents for abroad in Bulgaria is effected at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and abroad, at the embassies and consular departments of the Republic of Bulgaria. ADAPT BULGARIA is an intermediary in legalizing the translated documents, as well as original documents, without translation, needing legalization in the target country. The legalization of a translation is validated by means of a certificate, issued by the Legalization and Certification Section of the Administrative Service for Citizens Department to the Consular Relations Directorate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an Apostille, placed on the document itself, or on an Annex thereon. The Apostille certification is a legalization of the document by the competent authority of the state, from which the document emanates. The Apostille certification guarantees the validity and the international acknowledgement of the Bulgarian official documents. More detailed information on the authorities, issuing Apostille in Bulgaria as well as of the other states is available at

The legalization of documents coming from abroad, intended to be used in the Republic of Bulgaria should be translated into Bulgarian in one of the two ways specified below:
- by an official appointed by order of the Head of the diplomatic or consular service of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad.
- by translators included in a list maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who translate documents and other papers. For any foreign document translated into Bulgarian intended to be used on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, it is necessary the signature of the translator affixed on the translation done by them to be notarized by a Bulgarian Notary Public.

For complete information regarding the legalization of documents from and for foreign countries, please visit our web page Useful Information or the web page the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In addition to legalization of your documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ADAPT BULGARIA LTD offers certification services of documents issued by Bulgarian and foreign authorities at all government institutions and departments of the Republic of Bulgaria of documents issued by Bulgarian and foreign authorities. Our Agency also provides notarization services of copies of documents and certification services at all consular sections of foreign countries on the territory of Sofia.

The price for legalization is formed on the basis of the speed of the service and the type of document. If you wish to make a specific inquiry in respect to the legalization of your documents or texts, please use our online form. You can also use our free consultations and visit us on the address of the Agency where you can ask your specific questions in respect to translation, legalization of documents or in order to receive preliminary consultation in respect to the requirements for documents when travelling abroad, concluding marriage, education abroad, and etc.


Editing translation

Editing translation

Editing translation and placing the edited text on our company form with signature of a sworn translator and seal of the Translation Agency.

 Sending via e-mail

Sending via e-mail

Sending to you the translation of documents and texts via e-mail, fax, in a form of your choice, via magnetic carrier or via a courier.

 Sending via courier

Delivery via a courier

Sending a delivery with the finished translations via registered mail or via a courier to your office or home address in Sofia and the whole country. Via the courier services of DHL, FedEx, In Time UPS, Econt Express, or any other courier service, you can also receive your documents on an indicated by you address abroad.

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